• Provide oversight of financial health of organization
  • Ensure annual audit is performed in accordance with bylaws
  • Review financial reports for accuracy and timeliness
  • Assist the treasurer where needed
  • Oversee and develop standard operating procedures to ensure a consistent and accurate financial reporting system is in place


  • Review current criteria and processes for updates and improvements
  • Develop guidelines as needed and appropriate
  • Assist staff with decision making
  • Develop appropriate membership types too grow the organization’s reach and effectiveness. 
  • Develop clearly defined membership benefits for each member type. 
  • Work with Certification, Conference, and Education committees to design attractive and coordinated events and programs. 
  • Establish guidelines and procedures to be able to address all member inquiries. 
  • Establish a method of open communications with all stakeholders to ensure the membership remains relevant and meaningful to current and potential memberships. 
  • Be a reference point for all ABCSW support staff working with Membership issues. 


  • Provide feedback regularly for the maintenance of the website
  • Review content for accuracy and timeliness
  • Provide testimonials for use on the website
  • Make recommendations on future content and features
  • Develop policies for the website including reciprocal links to other organizations


  • Investigate and plan for conferences (in-person and virtual) for the organization
  • Work with the Education and Certification Committees to develop content and media for conferences
  • Develop a three year planning cycle for conferences 


  • Make a recommendation on educational webinars (i.e. topics, speakers, calendar)
  • Develop methods for approval of CEUs


  • Develops stakeholder group affiliations to achieve collaborative opportunities and affect growth in keeping with the culture of clinical social work. 
  • Advances social change through stakeholder engagement and fostering equitable relations by leveraging voices. 
  • Recommends diverse sponsors for partnership with the ABCSW. 

Please fill out the Volunteer Form or contact the ABCSW at [email protected] if you are interested in serving on a committee.