New Year's Resolutions

You … and some of your clients … have set goals for 2023 in the form of obligatory “New Year’s Resolutions” … many of which may be broken prior to January 30.  Have you considered setting up some mini-goals to assist in the process?  If resolutions are established annually, why not divide things up into more manageable monthly goals?

Generally speaking, we declare a resolution as a means to improve a particular aspect of life that requires attention, often, as an aim to improve health, i.e. drink less alcohol, quit smoking, or exercise more.   “Having achievable measurable goals in at least 3 areas of life ensures that we are in constant “motion” towards progress.  Recommended areas include: occupational and educational advancement, spiritual development, financial security, health and wellness management, and physical fitness.” (Dix, 2020).

In 2020, I published a newsletter article about tying a New Year’s resolution to a personal goal setting process.  The concept involves breaking down a resolution into 12 (more manageable) parts, and setting monthly goals (or goal markers) to track progressively towards realizing the overarching goal established by the resolution.  In the name of following my own advice, I had an idea that I would get more involved in ABCSW.  I volunteered to join the Website Committee and have been involved in some inspiring discussions. 

I hope that by posting this blog other members will be inspired to get involved as well.  We have lots of volunteer opportunities, a white paper platform, teaching, and yes, blogging.  If you are resolved to inspire others in the field of profession of Social Work, please consider joining a committee, running for an ABCSW office, or just start blogging.

As an added bonus, my daughter, Bri, has resolved to increase her art production by drawing, painting, or sculpting every day, and we agreed to join our goals by including some of her work in this post.  Enjoy!



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