Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! As we reflect on 2021 and look forward to this brand new year, here are a few things to consider;

For Yourself… 

Celebrate each day as a new opportunity to be happy.
Write down something you’d like to work on this year.
Enjoy your morning coffee/tea outside, if weather permits.
Fill your mind and heart with a sense of peace and gratitude.
Practice at least one self -care activity daily.
Go for a walk.
Read a book.
Practice meditation.
Learn something new.
Take stock of how far you’ve come.
Appreciate your accomplishments.
Celebrate New Opportunities!
End each day with a feeling of gratitude.
Listen to music.
Dance when you can. 
Let go of past grudges. 

For Others… 

Say “I love you” to your loved one.
Be generous with compliments.
Share a smile.
Give someone a hug.
Make a new friend.
Express your appreciation to someone who makes your life/job easier.
Share a meal with someone who may appreciate the company.
Send a card or email to someone you’ve been thinking about.
Offer to drop off groceries for someone who’s sick.
Write a text/message to a friend you haven’t heard from.
Hold the door open for someone walking behind you.
Pay for someone’s coffee or meal.
Recycle unused gifts by regifting or donating them to someone who can use them.
Be kind to others. 
Let go of past grudges. 

Lucia Anna Leo, LCSW-S BCD 
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