Don't Despise the Packaging...

                                     "Don't Despise the Packaging...."                                    

I recently watched Robin Roberts from Good Morning America, interview Glori Tuitt and her Mother, Ruthie Tuitt. The topic for that program focused on how members of the LGBTQ+ community have felt abandoned, unaccepted and rejected by their families and by their religion. Fortunately, some are finding their way back. “Don’t despise the packaging” is what GloriTuitt’s Mother, Ruthie Tuitt, said…”Just because it’s not packaged the way in which you feel it should be, does not mean it’s not a blessing..” She goes on to say that her daughter remains a great blessing to her. 

As a clinician, there’s been many a time when parents bring their son or daughter in for symptoms of anxiety, depression or suicide. Others come in on their own as adults, weary of repressing their identity, trying to conform to what their family, society and the church expect of them based on their gender.  Acknowledgement, Respect, Equality and Kindness are essential. Regardless of  personal or religious beliefs, there is no justification for rejecting, bullying, shaming, humiliating, ostracizing, or mistreating someone simply because we “despise their packaging”. 

Let’s practice acknowledging, embracing, encouraging, empowering and advocating for members of vulnerable populations who need our support. After all, aren’t we all just trying to be the best version of ourselves?    

Happy Pride Month 2022!

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